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Angela’s musical career began at the age of 12 with a combination of piano and clarinet. She continued both lessons until 18. She play the clarinet in symphonic band and accompanied vocalists with the piano while receiving her Associate’s degree at her local junior college. She continued to play piano solos, duets, and accompaniments at various functions over the past 8 years. Angela received a Bachelor’s degree in personal communications and family services which has enhanced her teaching skills. Her background combines her talents as a musician with the analytical ability to see the best way to teach and talk to the individual. Angela taught piano lessons while in Arizona and started last year teaching piano lessons in Casper. Her philosophy to teaching is making the reward of practicing to be learning more music; as song elections are accomplished, a student then receives another student choice piece to work on. She accompanies children singers at church and enjoys and looks forward to teaching all age groups from 7 on up. Angela not only teaches the basics but does it patterned with your child in mind!
Angela Palmer